An Intrinsic Love for The Craft

Steve DeMan has been in the Custom Paint industry for over 20 years.   Each year  his name has become more reputable and legendary through out the United States and Japan for some of the “baddest” Custom Paint and Graphic work. Starting with Mini-Trucks and Volkswagen’s back in the 80’s and moving on to much more intricate cars such as Lowriders! Steve was the first to start laying down the “water drop” effect back in the early 90’s, and it caught the attention of many after he painted his very own distinguished Cadillac Lowrider named King Brougham. Steve can turn anything into a “work of art” and is known for laying down some of the most innovative colors, intricate details and paint schemes. His expertise consist of custom pearls, kandy’s, gold & silver leaf, airbrushing and pinstriping along with interior designs.

Steve and his work have been featured on Magazine and TV Shows such as:

U.S. Magazines: Custom Hot Rod, Hot Rod, LowRider, Euro Low Rider, BLVD, Truckin’, Sport Truck, Mini Truckin’, Street Truckin’, Hot VW, Hot Bike, Lexani, Dub Garage, Revolucion and LowRider Scene.

Japanese Magazines: Japan LowRider, Low Riding, LOW, Custom Low Riding, Lowridaz, Cruisin’, 38Timez, Truck Trends, Daytona, LUGZ (Luxury Lifestyle), LS (Luxury Sport), Amasha, A Cars and Wagonist.

Sweden Magazine: VolksWorld

Norway Magazine: AMCAR

TV Shows: Monster House, Street Customs, Fine Tuning and Over Haulin’ where he worked as Master Painter next to Chip Foose on four of the early episodes and again in the 2015 season which included (Johnny Depp) Amber Heards mustang. You can also be sure to spot Steve and his work featured at the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

From 2015-2017 Kolor Kings contracted with Foose Design to bring in a team to complete bodywork and paint along with assisting in completing the following featured SEMA Builds;

Ron Browns 1933 Ford Coupe (SEMA 2015)

Chip’s 1971 Pantera (SEMA 2015)

Wes and Vivian Rydells 1939 Cadillac Madam X (SEMA 2016) 

MACH FOOSE 1971 Ford Mustang (SEMA 2017)


*Custom Paint, Pinstriping & Leafing

*Build, Color Scheme & Interior Design Consulting

*Custom Colors and Color Matching

*Teaching Custom Paint -Kolor Kings Custom Paint School

For Years it has been on the back burner for Steve to start his very own Custom Paint School under his Kolor Kings brand…He is closer to moving in that direction and will start offering one on one and small classes. INQUIRE HERE if you are interested in learning. 




Steve’s first lowrider paint job was on Joe Ray’s Riviera named Swan Song and also when he realized that Lowriders were the canvas that he could fully utilize his artistic sense. 

Steve would later be featured as a top painter in the June 2003 article of Lowrider Magazine with having many cover page and featured vehicles through the years displayed in the magazine. One being The Camryder, a 2007 SEMA collab between Toyota and LRM for Toyota’s 50th anniversary in the U.S. This feature led to the 2008 commission of Adobe LA’s Art Sculpture created for LA METRO Transportation Atlantic Station Gold Line to represent the East Los Angeles Culture.


1959 Impala EMERALD CITY – 2013 SEMA FEATURE VEHICLE and also where it caught the eye of TV Host Dennis Gauge of My Classic Car, where Steve was later featured with Emerald City and another project of his, a 64 Impala.  Featured on MY CLASSIC CAR in early 2015. View Season 19 Episode 8 Here.


Capturing the Magic Through Paint

Steve throws his Lowrider Flare on a Rayson Craft Boat

 Fine Art